How agonising it must be to live a life of celibacy whilst being lusted after by men and women alike! This is the life of the young monk Ninko, whose torment takes on disturbing magnitudes after an encounter with a masked, naked woman. To cleanse himself of his impure sexual desires, the monk decides to embark on a spiritual journey of purification. This brings him to a village plagued by the avaricious mountain goddess Yama-onna, who has been seducing and murdering men rampantly in a nearby valley. It’s in this very place where Ninko sees the ideal opportunity to rid himself of his erotic anguish.

Director Niwatsukino Norihiro brilliantly plays with the viewer’s expectations by blending elements of traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e and mandala animation in this unique live-action ghost tale.


“An extremely experimental and erotic folktale people never watched before. They don’t know what they’ve been missing.” – Jungyeon Sung, CinemAsia programmer


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