Chongqing Hotpot 火鍋英雄 

Director: Yang Qing
94 minutes
Mandarin (English subtitles)

“Chongqing’s known for two things”, a voice-over narrates at the beginning of this ambitious crime drama. “Tunnels… and hot pot restaurants.” It’s a combination that proves to be of essential importance for a quartet of thieves who decided to rob a bank. They almost get caught, but manage to escape through a hole in the floor, leading them into Chongqing’s …

Soul on a String 皮繩上的魂 

Director: Zhang Yang
142 minutes
Mandarin (English subtitles)

The immaculate beauty of Tibet’s landscapes is what inspired director Zhang Yang to make a Buddhist western about revenge, hatred, reincarnation and enlightenment. Adapting not one, but two books by Tibetan author Tashi Dawa, SOUL ON A STRING portrays the quest of Tibetan cowboy and murderer Taibei, who’s trying to return a sacred rock to the mountain that symbolises Buddha’s …

Still Life 三峽好人 

Director: Jia Zhangke
111 minutes
Mandarin (English subtitles)
2006 (35MM)
Ruben Terlou will give an introduction to the film and will be interviewed by Ardi Bouwer

Set in Fengjie, near the massive three gorges dam, coalminer Han Sanming tries to find his ex-wife whom he has not seen for 16 years. Nurse Shen Hong also comes to Fengjie to look for her husband who has not been home for two years. Both Han Sanmin and Shen Hong find their lost loved ones, but the planned flooding …

Taxi Stories 出租車故事 

Director: Doris Yeung
98 minutes
English (English subtitles)
China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Netherlands

The influence of globalisation becomes painfully apparent in this ensemble film situated in three Asian metropolises. Mutual incomprehension, miscommunication and exploitation complicate the lives of a homosexual taxi driver in Beijing, a wealthy pregnant woman in Hong Kong, and an impoverished teenager in Jakarta. Despite the world becoming a more economically networked place, it becomes increasingly burdensome for these individuals …

The Beekeeper and his Son 養蜂人家 

Director: Diedie Weng
85 minutes
Manadarin (English subtitles)
Canada, Switzerland

Generational conflicts keep stacking up in this intimate look at a rural family of beekeepers. After a gap year in the big city, the adolescent Maofu returns home to supposedly help his father Lao Yu with the bee business, but finds himself more interested in reading marketing books. Maofu thinks the enterprise’s way forward is to reposition honey on the …

The Road to Mandalay 再見瓦城 

Director: Midi Z
108 minutes
Southwestern Mandarin, Burmese (English subtitles)
Myanmar, Taiwan

IFFR@CinemAsia Burma is still being torn apart by the Karen conflict, one of the world’s longest-running civil wars. After the documentaries JADE MINERS and CITY OF JADE, Chinese-Burman director Midi Z returns to feature film with a tale of two Burman refugees trying to start a new life in Bangkok, Thailand. After a bone- chillingly silent smuggling trip across the border, …