A QUIET DREAM closes the tenth edition of CinemAsia on the 12th of March in Kriterion

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From a MAD WORLD to A QUIET DREAM, with Lu Zhang’s newest film the tenth edition of CinemAsia has found her closing film.

Chinese-Korean director Lu Zhang casted three beloved directors of the Korean indie film circuit for his latest film. Korean indie directors Yang Ik-june (BREATHLESS), Park Jung-bum (THE JOURNALS OF MUSAN) and Yoon Jong-bin (THE UNFORGIVEN) play three lost souls in a poor neighbourhood of Seoul. In this black-and- white mishmash of poetic moments and everyday occurrences the men cirkle around Yeri, the kind-hearted female owner of a makeshift bar. All prying for the heart of their female companion, the three suitors unwittingly hinder themselves, preventing anyone from actually conquering her love. This does not faze them, however, as this dynamic quartet of lost souls is content in knowing that they, at the very least, all have each other.

As a Chinese-Korean director working both in China and Korea, Lu Zhang perfectly fits this years programming of CinemAsia in which stories throughout the whole of Asia find a platform. Zhang’s movies focus on social outcasts, eccentrics and forgotten voices of the Chinese/Korean diaspora. Just like festival opener MAD WORLD, A QUIET DREAM will compete for the Tiger Beer Jury Award and the related cash price of 1000 euros. Last year in October A QUIET DREAM opened the 20th edition of Busan Film Festival. This year it will close the 10th edition of CinemAsia Film Festival in Amsterdam on the 12th of March.