Laskar Pelangi 

Director: Riri Riza
124 minutes
Indonesian, Malay (English subtitles)

NOTICE: this film is showing thursday 9 march.  In the printed filmguide there is an error about the date. Based on the popular same titled novel by Andrea Hirata, LASKAR PELANGI follows a group of ten schoolchildren and their two inspirational teachers as they struggle with poverty and develop hopes for the future in Gantong Village. Set in the 1970s the film …


Director: Pritagita Arianegara
78 minutes
Indonesian (English subtitles)

When ten-year-old orphan Salawaku embarks on a journey to find his missing sister Binaiya, he does so unaware of the fact that she does not actually want to be found. During his adventure across the beautiful Moluccan Seram Island he encounters a different woman who purposefully left her life behind. He meets Sara on a remote part of the isle …

Sang Pembakar – Short Selection 2017 

Directors: Hari Suprayitno, Dwitra J. Ariana & Ucu Agustin
38 minutes


  This documentary provides an insight in the Indonesian forest burning activity, which can result in a big catastrophe for Indonesia and surrounding countries. THOSE WHO BURN shows how local palm oil plantation workers are faced with a big dilemma: even though they know the economical, ecological and political risks of forest burning, they sometimes need to do it to …

Taxi Stories 出租車故事 

Director: Doris Yeung
98 minutes
English (English subtitles)
China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Netherlands

The influence of globalisation becomes painfully apparent in this ensemble film situated in three Asian metropolises. Mutual incomprehension, miscommunication and exploitation complicate the lives of a homosexual taxi driver in Beijing, a wealthy pregnant woman in Hong Kong, and an impoverished teenager in Jakarta. Despite the world becoming a more economically networked place, it becomes increasingly burdensome for these individuals …