Hebei, Taipei 河北臺北 

Director: Nien-Hsiu Li
87 minutes
Mandarin (English subtitles)

War is more than just conflicting ideologies. A thought-provoking statement made by the director of HEBEI, TAPEI, in the form of this deeply personal documentary about her father Li, who fought for both the Nationalists and the Communists during the Chinese Civil War. He eventually ended up in Taipei, Taiwan, when the war drew to a close, far away from …

The Road to Mandalay 再見瓦城 

Director: Midi Z
108 minutes
Southwestern Mandarin, Burmese (English subtitles)
Myanmar, Taiwan

IFFR@CinemAsia Burma is still being torn apart by the Karen conflict, one of the world’s longest-running civil wars. After the documentaries JADE MINERS and CITY OF JADE, Chinese-Burman director Midi Z returns to feature film with a tale of two Burman refugees trying to start a new life in Bangkok, Thailand. After a bone- chillingly silent smuggling trip across the border, …

Vive l’Amour 愛情萬歲 

Director: Tsai Ming-Liang
118 minutes
Mandarin (DUTCH subtitles)
1994 (35MM)
Mijke de Jong will give an introduction to the film

By occupying the same vacant apartment in Taipei, three disparate and desperate people step in and out of each other’s’ life. In empty bedrooms the loneliness and depression of May Lin, Hsiao-kang and Ah-jong gets highlighted in this distanced, but critical portrait of life in the big city. Even though these three people share a space and sometimes even a …