aceattorney_thumb Ace Attorney
Director Takashi Miike (2011)
Favorite Japanese cult director Takashi Miike directs this live-action adaption of the Nintendo DS video game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Hiroki Narimiya successfully plays the righteous and persistent defense attorney.. read more
7 April 23:15

achterhet_thumb Achter het Masker / Behind the Mask
Director Roswitha Eshuis (2011 Netherlands)
“Behind the Mask” is a coming-of-age story of three Dutch-Chinese teenagers from The Hague who explore adolescence, lion dancing, and the search for their own identities. Born in the Netherlands... read more
8 April 14:00

childeren_thumb Anak Anak Srikandi/Children of Srikandi
Children Of Srikandi Collective (2012 Indonesia)
“Children of Sri Kandi” is the first Indonesian documentary film about queer, lesbian, and transgender communities in Indonesia. Started as a film workshop of several different makers with a goal of producing their own films... read more
5 April 18:30

arisan2_thumb Arisan! 2
Director Nia Dinata (2011 Indonesia)
Eight years have passed since the successful and controversial Indonesian comedy ARISAN! which featured the first homosexual kiss in Indonesian cinema. This Indonesian style SEX IN THE CITY is a fun playful sequel... read more
8 April 20:00

beawoman_thumb Be a Woman
Director Fan Popo (2012 China)
“Be a Woman” focuses on the daily ins and outs of a bar in Nanning, a town in the northwest of China, called “Only Love.” It delves into stories behind the flashy costumes, glamorous accessories, dazzling stage sets, and... read more
6 April

bidont_thumb Bi, don’t be Afraid
Director Pang Dang Di (2010 Vietnam)
Winner of 2 Cannes International Critic Week prizes in 2010, This intensely sensual film is about sexual desires and un- spoken feelings long suppressed in a Vietnamese family that finally erupts. Set in Hanoi, Director Pang Dang Di explores... read more
5 April

catanan_thumb Catatan Harian Si Boy
Director Putrama Tuta (2011 Indonesia)
An Indonesian blockbuster from 2011 that caused a Twitter-explosion in Indonesia, this movie is a sequel of the popular Catatan Si Boy series from the eighties. Satrio is mechanic and meets Natasha who... read more
8 April 14:00

Screen_shot_2012-03-29_at_8.01.57_PM FilmLAB 2012
Earlier this year we asked the participants to send a filmconcept in the festival sub-theme ‘GenerAsian’. Eventually three finalists were chosen to make a short film of 5-15 minutes that will be screened during the festival... read more
5 apr
7 apr
gallants_web Gallants
Director Derek Kwok/Clement Cheng (2010 Hong Kong)
“Gallants” is a hit Kung-Fu comedy in a retro 70’s Kung Fu, Hong Kong cinema style. The protagonist Leung is directed by his real estate company to visit a village in the New Territories and negotiate an agreement with the community.... read more
6 April 17:30

goldenslumber_thumb Golden Slumbers
Director Davy Chou (2011 Cambodia)
Director Davy Chou’s newest documentary, “Golden Slumbers”, follows the heartfelt stories of Cambodia’s young filmmakers recollecting the prime of Cambodian cinema. He illustrates the devastating repercussions of the repressive... read more
5 April 19:45

headshot_thumb Headshot
Director Pen-Ek Ratanaruang (2011 Thailand)
An intense action film from acclaimed Thai director Pen-Ek Ratanaruang (LAST LIFE IN THE UNIVERSER and TRANSISTOR LOVE) During an assignment, police officer Tul is shot in the head. After he wakes up... read more
7 April 21:15

inthematter_thumb In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee
Director Deann Borshay Liem (2010 Korea)
Her passport said she was Cha Jung Hee. She knew she was not. She was a Korean adoptee who came to the US in 1966. Told to keep her true identity a secret from her new American family... read more
7 April 16:00

lovelyman_thumb Lovely Man
Director Teddy Soeriaatmadja (2011)
Lovely Man is the story of Cahaya, a 19-year-old girl with strong Islamic values, who has grown up in the countryside. After discovering that she has accidentally become pregnant, she travels to Jakarta to find her long lost father.... read more
5 April 23:00

planetsnail_thumb Planet of Snail
Director Yi Seung-Jun (2011 Korea)
his beautiful and moving documentary was the Win- ner of IDFA Award 2011 Feature Length Documentary Competition. Blind and deaf people in South Korea are called “Snails” due to the fact that they only have tactile contact... read more
8 April 16:15

princess_thumb Princess Toyotomi
Director Masayuki Suzuki (2011 Japan)
Adapted to film from a popular fantasy novel, Three National Audit Bureau members travel to the city of Osaka to investigate financial irregularities and to ensure the correct use of federal money for preservation of the Osaka castle... read more
6 April 23:45
8 April
redlight_thumb Red Light Revolution
Director Sam Voutas (2010 China)
International festival favorite "Red Light Revolution" is about Shunzi, a hard worker struggling to provide his spouse the life she desires. When he is fired, his wife promptly throws him out. Moving in with his parents... read more
6 April 20:00
7 April  18:00
renacat_thumb Rent-a-Cat
Director Naoko Ogigami (2012 Japan)
A strange woman named Sayoko has always had a mysteri- ous affinity towards cats. As a side job, she enjoys renting cats to those in need. Though this seems like a odd occupation, the cats comfort lonely people in various situations... read more
7 April 16:15

saysing_thumb Say Sing
Director Kuang Chong Yu (2011 Taiwan / China )
Yu follows the journey of Chinese progressive band xiShan, also known as West Hill. In the southwestern province of China, Yunnan, four youths came together to create music to express the harsh realities surrounding them... read more
6 April 18:45


secretobjects_thumb Secrets, Objects
Director Lee Young-Mi (2011 Korea)
A fun and sexy Korean romantic comedy about a 40 year-old Professor of Human Sexuality who falls head over heels for her sweet, super handsome young male research assistant who is a student by day and a gigolo by night.... read more
7 April 20:00

shaduwvanmijnziel_thumb Shaduw van mijn ziel/ Electric Shadows
Director Mariette Faber (2011 Netherlands)
Su-Ying Tjin-Tsai and Yilan Yuen are two Dutch women of Chinese origin and two daughters of Chinese restaurant owners. Both are activists in the Chinese community seeking more awareness for Chinese culture and people in... read more
8 April 14:00

smuggler_thumb Smuggler
Director Katsuhito Ishii (2011 Japan)
Stuck with a wrongly accrued yakuza debt, failed actor Kinuta gets a loan from a mysterious Goth- Lolita banker. In order to repay it, he must work with silent tough guy Joe and his leprechaun-like sidekick and transport... read more
7 April 22:15

Screen_shot_2012-03-17_at_3.03.49_PM Speechless
Director Simon Chung (2012 China)
A mysterious naked young man is found by a river in a small town in southern China. Although seemingly European, he is unable or unwilling to speak when he regains consciousness. He is taken in by the police and... read more
6 April 17:00

dirtypicture_thumb The Dirty Picture
Director Milan Luthria (2011 India)
“The Dirty Picture” is an Indian biographical film based on the rise to stardom and eventual demise of famous actress Silk Smitha, noted for her erotic roles. Reshma, an Indian girl who has run away from her arranged marriage... read more
frontline_thumb The Frontline
Director Hun Jang (2011 Korea)
One of the biggest Korean blockbusters of last year, The Frontline is a drama film centered on the Korean War’s final battle that determined the border between the North and the South. Kang is dispatched from headquarters... read more
5 April 20:15

greatmagican_thumb The Great Magician
Director Derek Yee (2011 Hong Kong)
The number one box office hit of 2012 from Hong Kong and China. In the early 1920’s, on the streets of Beijing, the nation’s most talented performers have gathered to show off their most spectacular skills... read more
4 April 19:30
6 April 23:30
mirrornever_thumb The Mirror Never Lies
Director Kamila Andini (2011 Indonesia)
The nomadic Bajo tribe of Indonesia are known as sea gypsies for building their temporary homes on stilts. In this ecologically themed drama, exquisitely photographed on and around the pristine isle of Wakatobi, first-time director... read more
8 April 16:00

perfecthouse_thumb The Perfect House
Director Affandi Abdul Rachman (2011 Indonesia)
After losing her parents in an accident, Julie decides to take a break from work to try and deal with the trauma. But when she is asked to tutor a boy who has also lost his parents in tragic circumstances, she can’t say no.... read more
8 April 21:45

secretworld_thumb The Secret World of Arriety/ the Borrowers
Director Hiromasa Yonebayashi (2010 Japan)
“The Secret World of Arrietty” is a 2010 Japanese animated fantasy film based on Mary Norton’s novel The Borrowers. The film tells the story of Arrietty Clock, a young 4-inch tall Borrower... read more
7 April 14:00

tuanpapa_thumb Tuan Papa
Director Annegriet Wietsma (2011 Netherlands)
“Tuan Papa” takes the audience back to the wartime era in Indonesia during the period between 1946 and 1949. Many of the Dutch military that were stationed there fell in love with local Indonesian women... read more
7 April 13:00

whenteomeets_thumb When Hainan meets Teochew
Director Han Yew Kwang (2010 Singapore)
A sweet queer romantic comedy about the unlikely relationship between a butch lesbian and a transgender man. This Singaporean film illustrates the developing relationship between “Hainan-boy”, who has lost her bra... read more
6 April 21:45

zombadinf_thumb Zombadings
Director Jade Castro (2011 Phillipines)
This hilarious gay zombie movie from the Philippines (and possibly anywhere) will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. It is a coming of age movie with horror elements and queer romance.... read more
6 April 22:00