Sang Pembakar – Short Selection 2017 

Directors: Hari Suprayitno, Dwitra J. Ariana & Ucu Agustin
38 minutes


  This documentary provides an insight in the Indonesian forest burning activity, which can result in a big catastrophe for Indonesia and surrounding countries. THOSE WHO BURN shows how local palm oil plantation workers are faced with a big dilemma: even though they know the economical, ecological and political risks of forest burning, they sometimes need to do it to …

Sweet Dumplings 甜蜜的回憶 – Short Selection 2017 

Director: Lai Kin Chang
14 minutes


Yin and Lee are making dumplings in the kitchen of their restaurant. Yin is kneading dough, while Lee is cutting meat and vegetables to make the filling. They are preparing the favorite dumplings of their daughter Tim Tim who has passed away three years ago. While they are cautiously folding the dumplings, they are thinking of beautiful and painful moments. …