What to Watch by Ruben Terlou

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foto Merlijn Doomernik

This week you can treat yourself on finest Asian films, arts and culture during the 12th edition of CinemAsia Film Festival.  In this series ‘What to watch’, Dutch celebrities share their top three films they would like to see.

Ruben Terlou is photographer, documentary maker and doctor.

He is fluent in mandarin and a loyal friend of CinemAsia.

With his documentary series Langs de Oevers van de Yangtze (Along the Riverside of the Tangtze – 2016) and Door het hart van China (Across the Heart of China – 2018) he has conquered the  hearts of many Dutch and Chinese people.


This films appeals to me as it depicts the consequences of the one-child-policy.

The Lady Improper

I would like to see this film as it shows the position of women in a society that is still Confucian.

Long Time No Sea

This film dives into the lives of a marginalized ethnical minority in Taiwan. It shows how modernization influences traditions and social cohesion.


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