What to watch by Bart Römer

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photo © Bart Römer

This week you can indulge yourself in Asian films, art and culture during the 12th edition of CinemAsia Film Festival. In this series ‘What to watch’, we ask Dutch celebrities which films they would like to see.

Bart Römer, director of the Dutch Film Academy and board member of the Cinema Asia Foundation, calls diversity a must for the future of film. He feels, “More diverse stories need to be told, but those boys and girls with those diverse stories do not know their way to the Film Academy. Especially with all the internationalization, it has become more and more important to understand each other better.” Which films does he recommend?

This is a film I am really interested in, stories on diaspora and migration. I believe that through internationalization, all the different perspectives come together. What intrigues me is how to stay afloat if you have been given different values from home. I find that dilemma incredibly interesting.

Turning 18
I find coming of age movies very interesting. Two people, discovering their identity. One, that does not fit the traditional image, what then? It fascinates me how a universal story is told from different cultural perspectives.

The Lady Improper
Again, a story I am very curious about. The relationship between fathers, daughters, mothers and sons. How does this relate? If you are talking about two extremes, you could see society as a horseshoe. Often two extremes between father and daughter have many similarities.

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