The first rule of creating a successful festival is to find a specific focus to home in on. But CinemAsia has always broken the rules, and not without success. That’s why I’m so incredibly proud of our tenth edition, as it celebrates CinemAsia’s ability to show the best films Asia has to offer, beyond the limitations of genre or theme. From a Mad World to A Quiet Dream, this edition is as diverse, powerful and eclectic as Asia itself; a true reflection of all the artistic qualities this wonderful continent has to offer.

As always, besides the screenings there will be food, karaoke, panels, a bazar, and more, to ensure a fun and fulfilling festival for everyone.

I am very grateful for the continued support we receive from volunteers, staffers, board members, funds, sponsors and partners, without whom we could not bring this festival together. The backing of the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten (AFK) for the period 2017-2020 ensures that the festival can continue to be a pivotal part of Amsterdam’s vibrant culture, strengthening our strong will to embrace the diversity of our cultures and beliefs through films, food and fun.

I am truly excited to share our milestone moment with you, as no amount of quality films and satisfying food could ever create a festival like CinemAsia on its own. It’s you we need the most, as in the end, it’s the people and their hunger for Asian cinema and togetherness that truly makes our festival the ever-growing social event it so endearingly has become. So whether you’re merely interested in a single motion picture or want to share in our festivities over the course of a few days, know that you’re more than welcome, both as a visitor and as a part of the CinemAsia family.

I hope you’ll enjoy this year’s festival as much as I am grateful to be a part of it.

Lorna Tee Festival Director