CinemAsia FilmLAB call for submission 2018

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This year we will be taking the FilmLAB concept in a new direction. As in previous years, we will provide a theme. But our approach will focus on collaboration. We will be creating a stylistic series framework, which our producers will develop in collaboration with the selected filmmakers. This means that once your story submission has been green-lit, our producers will work with filmmakers to mould their stories into the framework of an anthology or web-series format and will match them up to writers and cinematographers to create a cohesive production.


Language is a cunning master. There are just so many! There’s the regular type with words, there’s body language, the language of love, one can go on with examples. It is also a vehicle of memory and tradition, of culinary delights and difference. But some things lack a perfect translation or can only be understood by words unspoken. 

This year we want to challenge filmmakers to explore the spaces in-between, where pieces of memories get lost and gestures are understood or misunderstood, to examine the hurdles that words must jump from one language to another.

To challenge the filmmakers or writers imagination we’ve thrown in a twist – every short must be imagined in one location.


This year FilmLAB will produce a series of 6 film shorts of no more than 6 minutes each.

Together with the selected filmmakers, writers, and cinematographers, the FilmLAB producers will create a stylistic and thematic framework for the series that all shorts will adhere to.

Six filmmakers will be selected to go into production chosen from a pool of film students, FilmLAB alumni, as well as newcomers.

But we’re not limiting submissions to directors with stories. We want to open our submissions this year to writers and cinematographers as well, whom we will team up with directors who have submitted but may not have selected to go into production. Submissions from directors without stories will also be accepted. You will still have to convince us that you’re up to the task. 


  • The opportunity to create your own short
  • A production bootcamp day
  • A small contribution to the production budget
  • Guidance and support from two experienced film producers
  • Help with execution of a joined Cinecrowd campaign
  • Use of camera’s sponsored by Camelot
  • Color grading by Filmmore
  • A premiere at CinemAsia Film Festival 2018 and sreenings at other events of CinemAsia as the On Tour editions.
  • Screenings at other film festivals such as Shortcutz, Tong Tong Fair.
  • A communal effort to find an online distributor


  • Send us a short video to introduce yourself and tell us
    • Why you should be selected for this years edition of FilmLAB? 
    • How this year’s theme speaks to you?
    • What your idea for a short film is about if you have one?
    • If you are open to be paired up with a writer/director/cinematographer.
  • Send us the outline and summary for your short film.
  • Send us your resume and past experience as filmmaker, cinematographer or writer
  • Mention whether you have any team members along with their names and the role they would play in your production

You can send your submission to before Sunday 22nd of October. The selection will be announced on Wednesday 25th of October.