Meet our two new FilmLAB Producers

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CinemAsia will be taking FilmLAB in a new direction. We have appointed two new FilmLAB producers, Genny van ‘t Veer and Waylon D’Mello, who will continue the success of FilmLAB with a new approach. Find out more about this new approach on the Submission 2018 page.

Genny’ role within FilmLAB is executive producer and Waylon’s role is the creative producer. Together they have set up the new submission for 2018. They will select six filmmakers and together with selected scenario writers and cinematographers they will produce six short films of no more than 6 minutes. These stories will be mold into a framework of an anthology or web-series format, which will premiere during the 11th edition of CinemAsia Film Festival scheduled for March 2018.

Genny van ‘t Veer 

Genny van ‘t Veer (1987) studied Theater-, Film- and Television knowledge at the University of Utrecht and has experimented with short films from the beginning. After several courses and internships she gained experience on film sets, with film production and film funding. This has lead to an internship as assistant producer at Conijn Film where she worked on the fund applications of projects like “A Family Affair” (opening film IDFA, 2015). During which time, she also produced her first short “GOTTA” (director: Sarah Veltmeyer) that won several awards and still gets invited to screen in The Netherlands. The second short she produced during CinemAsia FilmLAB 2016 “Ghost” (director: Abigail Prade) was selected for Shortcutz Amsterdam. After producing her third short “Pitch” (directors: Mirna Everhard and Ineke van der Hurk | official selection Shortcutz Amsterdam 2017 and Rotterdam Open Doek 2017) she decided to start her own film company called Wonderworld Film. Since producing shorts and helping talented filmmakers to develop is her passion, she decided to also become a CinemAia FilmLAB producer.

“For me it is very important that Dutch-Asian stories and people get to be seen on the big screen. I am a mix, half Asian and half Dutch. I know very well the misunderstandings between two cultures. I also know that the normal stories of Asian filmmakers don’t get shown enough. And if we see something, it’s often stereotypical. It is hard for Dutch-Asian filmmakers to get their voice out in the world. But I truly believe that their stories can help bridge the gap between the Dutch and the Asian cultures.” – Genny

Waylon D’Mello

After graduating with a degree in Film and Media Culture, Waylon did a few different jobs before landing in the film industry. The Indian native and recent transplant to the Netherlands began his filmmaking career on the sets of a Bollywood production and he has since done projects in advertising as well.

“As someone who has lived away from home for a greater part of my life, I believe the work FilmLAB does to make space for stories of people living in a diaspora is of great value to the community it serves.” – Waylon