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Chinese New Year in Amsterdam – SOUL MATE

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Hong Kong/China | 2016 | 110 min | Drama
Director: Derek TSANG
Cast: ZHOU Dongyu, MA Sichun, Toby LEE

Saturday 17 February 2018 | 21:00 | Kriterion, K2 

After the film, there is an after party to celebrate Chinese New Year

While taking the subway home from work in Shanghai, Ansen (Zhou Dongyu) has a fateful encounter with old flame Jia-ming (Li Cheng-bin). He informs her of the existence of ‘Soul Mate’: an online, autobiographical serial chronicling Ansen’s former friendship with author July (Yao Xinyan). When Ansen starts reading the serial, she gets flooded with repressed, emotional memories spanning two decades of her life. Despite being polar opposites, the rebellious Ansen and the modest July seemed destined to remain best friends for life, ever since forming an almost inseparable bond at age thirteen. This all changed, however, when Jia-ming entered their lives, and the three formed a close-knit group of friends; a triangle that would impact their plans for the future in a most unexpected and tragic manner.

SOUL MATE is based on the critically acclaimed bestseller of author Anni Baopei. The film won two Best Actress Awards at the Golden Horse Awards 2016, and received twelve nominations at the Hong Kong Film Awards 2017.


Director’s profile

Graduated from University of Toronto, Derek Tsang began his career as an actor in Hong Kong and found himself in numerous film projects including Golden Chicken (2002), The Eye 2 (2004), Pang Ho-Cheung AV (2005), Isabella (2006), The Thieves (2012), Z Storm (2014) and From Vegas to Macau II (2015).

Starting from 2010, Tsang also went on directing his own films and co-directed with Jimmy Wan for his directorial debut Lover’s Discourse, was nominated in the 15th BIFF New Currents section, competed for the Best New Director award at the 47th Golden Horse Film Festival Award and awarded with the Grand Prix (Best Picture Award) at the 6th Osaka Asian Film Festival.

Tsang’s directorial debut, Soul Mate (2016) was critically acclaimed and earned him Best Director nominations at 53rd Taipei Golden Horse Awards 2016, 11th Asian Film Awards 2017 and 36th Hong Kong Film Awards 2017.