We proudly present our Opening and Closing film 2018!

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The 11th edition of CinemAsia Film Festival will open on Tuesday 6th of March with the Dutch premiere of MONSTER HUNT 2 by Raman HUI starring Tony Leung and Faye Bai (Bai Baihe).
On Sunday 11th of March the festival closes with the European première of the action film A BETTER TOMORROW 2018 by DING Sheng.

CinemAsia is more committed than ever to introduce the Dutch public to films that enjoy great popularity in Asia. Through these two spectacular blockbusters that mesmerize moviegoers of all ages in China and Hong Kong, we hope you can feel the exciting pulse of the world’s biggest film market after Hollywood.

MONSTER HUNT broke all Chinese box office records when it released in 2015. This demonstrated the enduring appeal of fun-filled family films and gave Chinese kids their first homegrown animated character Wuba, whose cute shape and adorable personality rival Hollywood ones. That’s surely a sign of the fresh visual style and technical expertise of Hong Kong-born director Raman HUI, who mastered the art of animation when he helped develop the character SHREK for Dreamworks.
With MONSTER HUNT 2, HUI expands his fantastical world of endearing monsters and scary magic-wielding humans, with more dazzling visual effects and catchy songs. And to top it all, adult audiences can spend time with Wong Kar-wai’s favorite actor Tony Leung, who plays a cunning and greedy swindler whose heart is melted by Wuba.

A BETTER TOMORROW is synonymous with the Golden Age of Hong Kong Cinema and the first of many action masterpieces that made John WOO and CHOW Yun-Fat world famous. DING Sheng, who directed several of Jackie Chan’s films and the taut kidnapping noir thriller SAVING MR WU starring Andy Lau, has boldly taken on the remake of this world classic, and moved the location to a seaside location in the Northern Chinese city of Qingdao, and Japan.
A BETTER TOMORROW 2018 is an explosive tribute to his famous predecessor, but he also brings a whole new dynamic and a totally contemporary vibe through beautifully shot action sequences. The young, talented cast includes some of today’s hottest actors — led by ruggedly handsome WANG Kai (THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X), Talu Wang the unconventional romantic hero of Taiwanese hit teen rom-com OUR TIMES and pop idol Ray MA (ICE FANTASY), who has an incredible resemblance to Leslie Cheung who played his original role.


Monster Hunt 2
Hong Kong/China | 2018 | Fantasy
Director: Raman HUI
Cast: Tony LEUNG Chiu-wai, BAI Baihe, JING Boran, Tony YANG, LI Yuchun

Wuba, a monster that can bring balance to the human and monster worlds, has been living happily with other monsters in a remote village ever since he left his human parents, Tianyin (Jing Boran) and Xiaolan (Bai Baihe). When the evil Monster King raids the village, Wuba is forced to escape into the human world once more. At Clear Water Town, he encounters BenBen, a kind-hearted monster who works with Tu (Tony Leung Chiu-wai), a greedy swindler who will sell anyone out for a price. Meanwhile, Tianyin and Xiaolan arrive at the Monster Hunter Society as they continue their search for Tianyin’s father. However, when they sense that Wuba is in danger, they must rescue their monster child before the Monster Hunter Society can get to him.





A Better Tomorrow 2018
China | 2018 | Action
Director: DING Sheng

Zhou Kai (Wang Kai) heads a smuggling ring that ships goods from a coastal Chinese city to Japan. He has a younger brother, idealistic rookie cop Zhou Chao (Ray Ma), who knows nothing about his shady dealings. When Kai’s refusal to turn to narcotics creates a rift in the team, the insidious Rubberband sets Kai up on a deal that ends with his arrest. Three years later, Kai is released from prison and tries to live a quiet, humble life with his former partner-in-crime, Mark (Talu Wang). However, the unforgiving eyes of his brother and society at large stop him at every step. When Kai’s former criminal associates force Kai to return to the game, Kai, Mark and Chao are put on a collision path that will end in violence.