A photographic journey ‘Dwars Door China’ by Ruben Terlou

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New exhibition in Museum Hilversum breaks the cliché image of China

Ruben Terlou presents contemporary China with his exhibition Dwars door China. He shows how the Chinese arm themselves against the loss brought by modernization and how they go along with the opportunities offered. From 31 March to 27 May, Museum Hilversum will be completely dedicated to the latest work by the award-winning documentary photographer Terlou. At the same time, the videos The Massage is the Medium and A Call by the Chinese artist Yin Aiwen are shown in the project hall.

Today’s China

In addition to futuristic metropolises, China also includes special historical heritage and age-old traditions. A country with many views and cultures, but also a country that is changing rapidly. Terlou who is praised a lot for his TV documentary series Through the heart of China, also captured the country with his photo camera. ‘In the exhibition Dwars door China, with images in which people stand central, I want to give an impression of the developments in today’s China,’ says Terlou.


Terlou approaches China in a personal way, he speaks the Chinese language and is curious about what the Chinese think, feel and experience. His artistic talent lies in his ability to penetrate to the core. ‘He has his own style of photographing’, says museum director Stef van Breugel. ‘In his photography he searches for compositions of people and landscapes that can be compared to film scenes. Sometimes as in a spectacle to show us the development and sometimes he brings his camera close to the people.’ In the exhibition he breaks through the cliché image that we usually have of China. He leaves the judgement of the progress of modern China or the price paid for it to the public.

Video art

In addition to the images of Terlou that have not been shown before, two video installations by the Chinese artist Yin Aiwen can be seen in the project hall of the museum.
The Canadian professor and philosopher Marshall McLuhan claimed ‘the medium is the massage’. As an extension of man the medium comforts you, it convinces you, manipulates you, controls you. The situation is now reversed – under the spell of the medium, man has become the extension of the machine. The ‘Massage is the Medium’ (按摩 即 媒介) invites you to a reverse experience.
The impressive short film A Call (呼叫 中心) is a letter to an impossible love. It questions our current struggles with love and tries to give a ‘solution’.