‘Dwars door China’ by Ruben Terlou

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Museum Hilversum, Kerkbrink 6 in Hilversum
Daily from 11:00 – 17:00 o’clock

Extended to June 17, due to success

Good news for everyone that didn’t yet had the opportunity to view Ruben Terlou’s newest exhibition ‘Dwars Door China’. Due to success, the exhibition in Museum Hilversum has been extended to 17 June. With his photographic journey, Ruben breaks with the cliché image of China. The exhibition is set up theatrically and in two languages: in Dutch and in Chinese and has been developed in collaboration with CinemAsia, Sony and VPRO.
Simultaneously, you can also see a selection of video-works by Chinese artist Yin Aiwen in the project hall of the museum.

Photographic journey reveals today’s China

China – the middle kingdom – is a country full of contrasts and contradictions: ranging from significant historical heritage and ancient traditions to futuristic metropolises. A country with many perspectives and cultures, but also a country that has undergone extremely rapid changes, in which people try to find their own place. In his exhibition, Ruben presents personal stories: impressive and vulnerable at the same time. His strength lies in his eye for everyday situations that move and surprise you as viewer. From his open attitude, a personal approach and Chinese language fluency, Ruben dives into the hearts of the Chinese people. His photography can be compared to film scenes that are a spectacle to see. Sometimes his attention is on the collective and often he zooms in on the individual. He doesn’t give any judgments, that’s something he leaves to the audience.


Ruben about his latest works: ‘With the exhibition Dwars Door China, that contains images in which the people are the central focus, I want to give an impression of the developments in today’s China’.


Side events

Thursday 24 May: talkshow with Ruben Terlou and sinologist Henk Schulte Nordholt about politics in China and China as an economic superpower.
Tuesday 5 June: evening about the journalistic approach of the TV documentary ‘Door het Hart van China’, with Ruben Terlou and Geert-Jan Bogaerts of the VPRO as speakers.
Both events are in Dutch

Video art by Yin Aiwen

In addition, you can enjoy a selection of video installations by the Chinese artist Yin Aiwen 殷艾雯. Yin Aiwen is a designer, writer, filmmaker and curator. From her work, she focuses on how technology and politics influence design, leading to new ways to shape our social environment and private life. After her education at the Sandberg Instituur in Amsterdam, her Bachelor’s at the Beijing Institute for Fashion Technology, she did research at the Strelka Institute for Media Architecture and Design in Moscow and The Recalibrated Institute in South Florida. Since 2015, she is back in Amsterdam and gives guest lectures at the Sandberg Institute. Also come and enjoy Yin Aiwen’s works in Museum Hilversum until 17 June.


Location and opening hours

Location: Museum Hilversum, Kerkbrink 6 in Hilversum
Opening hours: daily from 11:00 – 17:00 o’clock

Closed on: 1st day of Pentecoat 20 May (1e Pinksterdag)
Prices: Adults € 6,00 | Children 0-11 years free entrance | Age of 12-18 years € 3,30 | Senior 65+ € 5,00 | CJP/CKV € 3,30 | Museumkaart-holders free entrance