Premiere documentary SOUL – 2 June 2018

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“Truly sublime! Admirable to watch the precision and elegance of both chefs and cuisines and their dedication to food in everybway. Cinematography is amazing & takes you in a meditative state while all cuisines whets your appetite.” –

Japanese-Spanish journey to the culinary soul

How do you cook? Some cook with their hands. Others cook with their brains. Even with their hearts. But few cook with their souls. Be inspired by the passionate culinary stories of these Michelin-star Chefs de Cuisines from Japan and Spain. The Dutch filmpremiere of the documentary SOUL is a co-presentation of CinemAsia and the Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival.

Saturday 02.06.18 – 14:00 – Pathé Tuschinski 2, Amsterdam – Tickets
Language: Spanish, Japanese, French, English (with English subtitles)

Trailer van filmdocumentaire SOUL

The 39 year old Chef de Cuisine Eneko Atxa can never wait to translate new ideas into culinary creations in his famous restaurant ‘Azurmendi’ in Vizcaya (Spain). Enoko uses new culinary techniques to share culinary memories of his youth, the traditions of the Basque Country (its homeland) and the local products that inspire him, giving his customers an exceptional culinary experience.

During this cinematic culinary journey we will also visit Japan, one of the countries with the most Michelin stars. In this Land of the Rising Sun, gastronomy is about a mystical experience because it has always been closely interwoven with history, traditions, culture and roots. In Japan, Atxa meets the legendary Chef de Cuisine Jiro Ono, a 90 year old sushi master for whom he has a lot of respect. No less than 4 children and grandchildren dedicate Jiro Onno personally in his culinary secrets and love for the art of preparing sushi.

Even President Obama has visited the honorable ‘Sukiyabashi Jiro sushi restaurant’ of the great master to experience the best sushi in Japan. Chef de Cuisine Atxa visits some of the world’s most imaginative places, such as the Tsukiji Fish Market and the world’s most exclusive restaurant ‘Mibu’. SOUL reveals the secrets of the gastronomy of two cuisines that at first glance seem so opposite in their philosophy, conception and experience. Two Chef de Cuisines who have both earned the highest culinary recognition: three Michelin stars!


Photography: Pete Souza

“Soul gives an intimate glimpse into the kitchen of a Spanish and Japanese chef.” Touching moment when the son of the very old sushikok confesses that the first compliment in his 40-year training course with his perfectionist father came from a cook from the other side of the world.” -Boudewien cold steel

About the Directors

Ángel Parra


Ángel Parra

Ángel Parra has been a film and television director for the Spanish television broadcaster TVE since 2000. He directed live broadcasts of the Beijing and London Olympics. Today, he is the director and producer of the UEFA Champions League programmes. Together with José Antonio Blanco he was co-director of ’25 aniversario de La Vaquilla’. (25th anniversary of ‘The Heifer’) and director of the television documentary ‘Rafa Nadal Tour’. 

José Antonio Blanco

José Antonio Blanco has been director and producer of the Spanish television channel TVE since 1997. He co-directed the documentary ’25 Aniversario de La Vaquilla’ (25th birthday of
The Heifer’), inspired by Luis Garcia Berlanga’s most popular film of the same name. One of his latest works are the documentary ‘El rey de Canfranc’ (The King of Canfranc), which was released in 2013. And was premiered at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

José Antonio Blanco