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FilmLAB Speeddating: Boost for filmmakers

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Suppose that as an upcoming filmmaker you have produced a beautiful short film via CinemAsia FilmLAB. How do you reach a larger audience later on? Distribution is for new filmmakers a complex process of festival submissions, search of relevant cultural events and smart and hard networking. But where do you start? FilmLAB speeddating gives filmmakers a boost.

Cinemasia FilmLAB Distribution Speeddating Session

CinemAsia FilmLAB recently organised a speeddating session during which the participants of the latest FilmLAB edition had the opportunity to meet specialists from the film industry. Not only to talk about distribution strategies, their career opportunities and future plans. But also to get advice on how to give their film as wide a reach as possible. During 10-minute speed dates, participants were given the opportunity to share their questions and concerns.

A solid lineup of filmspecialists took place behind the tables: Alexa Rodrigues (Executive Producer Shortcutz Amsterdam), Wouter Jansen (Short Film Distributor ‘Some Shorts’ / Go Shorts Short Film Festival), Lisa Linde Nieveld (Short films specialist EYE International) and Myrthe Nymph Wai (FilmLAB participant 2017). And Maggie Lee, Artistic Director of CinemAsia & Head of Asian Filmcritics at the American Variety. Participating filmmakers were: Michael Creutzburg (Director of Truth Will Out), Daan Vree (Director of Hangul Blues), Alex Lai (Director of Integration), Deepti Rao (Writer of Father & Son).

Myrthe Nymph Wai

Photography: Marcel van Kanten

Review specialists on speeddating

A reflection on the FilmLAB speed dating with Myrthe Nymph Wai (FilmLAB participant 2017) and Wouter Jansen (Short Films distributor):

What is your role in your organisation (or ongoing projects)?

Mythe: “I am an independent film director and writer. I am currently developing a new scenario for a short film, which will be produced in the next two years. When taking on projects, I invest in projects that are close to my heart. “Wouter: “I’m owner of Some Shorts. ”

How do you look back at the Speeddating session?

Myrthe: “The speed dating session was a very well organized and personal event with a very comfortable atmosphere. Professional and personal, that’s CinemAsia in general. “Wouter: “All filmmakers approached their projects very professionally and were well prepared with questions for us. They had a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve. It was a nice informal atmosphere that was set up and the conversations worked well. ”

Does your expertise and strategy match the participants?

Myrthe: “I don’t see myself as a specialist, because I can only share personal experiences from the industry, which I think is just as necessary as industry knowledge. I think that a sincere and open mind is the only way to show participants that anything is possible. And that they should never underestimate the possibilities of their films. I can help them remember to see the specific elements of their film not as a limitation, but as their strength. We are here to open the doors to them. ” Wouter: ” To be honest, I work with such a select number of really strong international projects that there wasn’t a really strong match on my part for a collaboration. But I was certainly able to give them some good tips. I think it’s important that they can work together on a festival strategy instead of doing everything on their own. And that CinemAsia can play an important role in this in order to retain this knowledge for future projects. “

How do you see CinemAsia’s position in the landscape of the Asian film industry?

Myrthe: “CinemAsia and FilmLAB are unique in their work and have worked hard for years to build their strong foundation. And not only the festival, but also the demand for Asian film and stories themselves has changed. As it now stands, I have the feeling that the nose of the ship is pointing in the same direction as the course. All that remains to be done is to sail. Wouter: “With FilmLAB, CinemAsia is really an important player on a national level, one of the few festivals that have such a specific focus. And now, with this project, they are also producing interesting new films, which is certainly a strong asset. “