Small Talkshow – Tiger and Elephant moms, a recipe for queer motherhood

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CinemAsia Film and Volkshotel celebrate Amsterdam Pride on 29 July 2018 with a special programme that uses Huang Hui-chen’s award-winning documentary, Small Talk, as a venture point. This deeply layered Taiwanese film won the Teddy Award for ‘Best Documentary’ at the 67th Berlinale in 2017.

Cinemasia@ Amsterdam Pride
Small Talkshow: Tiger and Elephant moms, a recipe for queer motherhood
Documentary ‘Small Talk’
Sunday the 29TH of July 2018 | start Programme 16:00 hrs | Volkshotel DOKA | Order tickets 5,- euro

During the Small Talk show – a talk for and by queer women, talk show host Sanne Pols uses the Taiwanese Documentary Small Talk to open up a personal conversation with special guests and audience to talk about heir personal experiences about various themes including queer motherhood, gaysian family, being yourself, coming out & coming in, and the thing that connects all of them – being a woman.

Panel guests include: Aynouk Tan, she uses fashion as a means of cultural analysis and social criticism. And Jinyue Zhang, born and raised in China and now a third year PhD student in Rotterdam and living together with her friend with whom she has one. registered partnership. “I am lucky to have open-minded parents.”

We will conclude the talk show with proud Tiger and Elephant cocktails.

Talkshow host is Sanne Pols: Sanne Pols is storyteller, moderator and trainer at IncInc, with which she makes the work floor a bit more diverse and inclusive. But most of all she enjoys her self-developed LGBTour: a queer tour through the pink heart of Amsterdam. Previously she won the LGBT innovation price – as a project executor – and she was one of the founders of L’HBTQ magazine.


15:30 – 16:00 hrs
Documentary ‘Small Talk’
Small Talkshow – A recipe for queer motherhood
Small Talktales drinks & bites: Tiger Elephant Cocktail
Aynouk Tan

Aynouk Tan

Jinyue Zhang

Jinyue Zhang

Yuli Kim

Yuli Kim