The wolves of the east

The Wolves of the East

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In a new series, called CinemAsia FILM TALKS, specialists tell about the background of a special film. During World Cinema Amsterdam, CinemAsia gives an introduction to the film The Wolves of the East. Be surprised by the story behind The Wolves of the East. Win free tickets!

The Wolves of the East | European premiere | English subtitles – Japanese spoken | Tuesday 21 August 2018 | 21:40 |Rialto Amsterdam | tickets

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CinemAsia FilmTALKS

Japanese cinema specialist Tom Mes will present – on behalf of CinemAsia FilmTALKS – an introduction to the film The Wolves of the East . Tom Mes teaches at Leiden University and wrote books about directors Miike Takashi and Tsukamoto Shinya as well as about actress Kaji Meiko. Tom Mes is one of the founders of the website (visions of Japanese cinema) and regularly provides audio commentary and other bonus material for DVD and Blu-ray releases of Japanese films.



Trailer The Wolves of the east

75-year-old, lonely Akira – a former sailor who once sailed the world – lives in the wooded area of the village Higashi Yoshino in the Nara region. He has been chairman of the local hunting club for many years, but his obsession with wolves, which have disappeared from the area, leads to trouble. When he is removed from the position of chairman, he decides to head into the forest to kill the wolf that embodies the spirit of Higashi Yoshino.

Director Carlos M. Quintela

Carlos M. Quintela In the south of the Japanese island of Honshu is Nara Prefecture with its eponymous capital. This is where the biannual Nara International Film Festival takes place, founded by Director Naomi Kawase (AnRadiance). A fixed part of the festival programme is NARAtive, which aims to promote the beauty of the region and city. Cuban Director Carlos M. Quintela, whose La piscina won the 2013 WCA Jury Prize, contributed to NARAtive with this beautiful drama produced by Kawase.