Studio Ghibli

CinemAsia FilmTALKS about Japanese animations

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Lose yourself in the magical world of Japanese animations by Studio Ghibli. Visit KINO Rotterdam. Be surprised by the inspiring CinemAsia FilmTALKS with various films by Studio Ghibli.

Introductor Hugo Emmerzael is a moderator during the Cinemasia Film Festival and also works as an editor at CinemAsia. With his thorough knowledge of cinema, Hugo works as a journalist for De Filmkrant. Hugo is taking care of the CinemAsia FilmTALKS in KINO Rotterdam before the start of the next Studio Ghibli films:

14 August – Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
21 August – My Neighbor Totoro
26 August – Porco Rosso
31 August – Spirited Away