CinemAsia FilmLAB in MARKK museum in Hamburg

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CinemAsia FilmLAB x Asian Film Festival Berlin are hosts of “Deine Heimat ist meine Heimat” in the MARKK, the Museum of Ethnology in Hamburg at 9 December 2018.

Since 2008 the CinemAsia Film Festival offers young scriptwriters and directors the opportunity to make a short film about the Asian community in the Netherlands in a FilmLAB. The festival was founded in 2003 and takes place every year in Amsterdam. The Asian Film Festival Berlin (AFFB) is pleased to present a selection of works from the years 2017 and 2018 as part of “Your Home is My Home”.

Guest: Daan Vree (producer and filmmaker, Amsterdam) and Alex Lai (filmmaker, Amsterdam).
Moderation: Dr. Sun-ju Choi (author and co-director AFFB)

Click here for MARKK programme Meine Heimat is deine Heimat, information & tickets

Love (Enang Wattimena/Netherlands 2017/13 min/OmE)

Enang is investigating a family portrait from the former Dutch East Indies, in which his great-grandmother from Aceh can also be seen. His mother told him that the version of the photograph that belonged to them. had cut off his great-grandmother. This aspect led him to find the matriarch.

Price tag (Myrthe Nymph Wai/Netherlands 2017/10 min/OmE)

Jeffrey Chen works as a salesman in a Chinese supermarket. His fiancé Annie Li comes from a rich Chinese family. With his low income Jeffrey can not meet the requirements of future in-laws and there is a conflict in the brewing process.

Adopted (Daan Vree/Netherlands 2012 / 11 min./OmE)

Dong and Lian are Chinese Dutch. The couple are considering adopting a child because they cannot have children themselves. Dong’s mother just can’t get used to the idea that Dong and Lian want to adopt a white boy.

Hangul Blues (Daan Vree/Netherlands 2018/8 min/OmE)

Hangul Blues is a subtle drama that reconstructs the emotional tension of a young woman trying to master a language. Behind this lies the lifelong desire to make contact with her biological mother. After all, it is the 8-year-old Gwan Mok who teaches her an important lesson without speaking a single word.

Eating time (Josscy Vallazza Aartsen/Netherlands 2017 /9 min/OmE)

The Indonesian Ricky (10) and the Dutch Emma (10) play together in the living room of Emma’s family. They have fun and forget the time. When Emma’s mother calls them, they know what time it is: dinner time.

Untuk Selalu (Andrea van den Bos, Ambar Surastri and Robbert Maruanaija/Netherlands 2015/17 min/OmE)

Untuk Selalu documents the ritual differences between four groups of migrants from Indonesia: the Moluccans, people from the the Dutch-Indies, the Javanese Surinamese and the ethnic Indonesians. The film shows the cultural differences and similarities of these four groups from the perspective of young people of the same generation.

Integration (Alex LAI/Netherlands 2018/8 min/OmE)

Have you ever subjected yourself to absurd demands to be accepted in another culture? Our story gives you goosebumps and evokes new thoughts and perspectives.