Abigail Prade

FilmLAB Talent in Focus: Abigail Prade

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FilmLAB Alumni Abigail Prade made her short film ‘Ghost’ during CinemAsia FilmLAB 2016. She had a great learning experience and is now working on her newest project: ‘A Mutual Understanding’. Support this project via Cinecrowd.

A Mutual Understanding will be a short film about the unconventional marriage between a young Filipino woman and a disabled American war veteran. Make this project possible. Support this filmproject via the Cinecrowd website.


I’m Abigail Prade. After completing my MFA at the Tisch School of the Arts, I’m about to shoot my first film outside of film school: A Mutual Understanding. A Mutual Understanding is an international short film about an unconventional relationship between a young Filipino woman and a disabled war veteran that deals with themes of gender and stereotype.

A Mutual Understanding

The film tells the story of Amihan, a young Filipino woman who enters a marriage of convenience with the disabled American war veteran Paul. Their relationship is one that is not based on love, but on a purely businesslike arrangement: Amihan takes care of Paul and in return she gets financial stability and a residence permit. We follow Amihan as she learns to navigate her new life in a new country, while struggling to balance this new life with her personal desires. Although Amihan and Paul have made a choice that most people wouldn’t make, this film doesn’t want to turn either characters in a victim or a villain. It is simply about two people who are trying to make the most of their lives.