Explore the Queer Union with CinemAsia

CinemAsia Invites You to Embark on A Queer Adventure through Our LGBTQ Programme


This year could be an important year for Asia’s LGBTQ history with Thailand and Taiwan moving towards becoming the first country to allow same sex union. As a celebration towards this historical milestone, CinemAsia is proud to present a more ambitious LGBTQ programme in 3 different locations.

The programme will kick off at NEVERNEVERLAND on 1 March with a surprise performance and opening event for the exhibition, Our Lives Elsewhere, which intends to provide a wider cultural context to the film programme, acting as a backdrop as well as an archive, documenting the lives of Asian LGBTQ individuals across the continent. The exhibition will run until 10 March, with a special performance by ChinaRaw event on 9 March.

Just a few steps away from NEVERNEVERLAND are our favourite cinemas, Kriterion and Rialto, where CinemAsia Film Festival will take place (5-10 March). Our film selection will go beyond personal stories to explore wider issues that impact the LGBTQ identity and experience, such as the LGBTQ positions in Asian society in the context of legal rights, protection, structural inequality, and examine how these factors may impact their personal lives. Our film selection for this year includes:

Dear Ex
First Night Nerves
Fish Bones
Rainbow’s Sunset
The Rib
Turning 18

Why not wander around our beautiful city and go on a queer exploration with our exhibition and films?