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Every Day is Woman’s Day

This February, the Berlinale took a significant step toward gender parity by showcasing the works of female directors in almost half of its programme of over 400 films. CinemAsia didn’t wait till #MeToo to promote female visibility in its programming, while ensuring a work space where women can shine. Within the organization, 18 out of 24 core members (including the board) are capable, outspoken women. We’ve discovered and put many female creatives in the spotlight and the jury.

This year, nine out of the festival’s 35 features are directed by women. Almost half the programme features heroines and storylines generated from their perspectives, such as Turning 18, Ave Maryam, Baby, Chiwawa, First Night Nerves, Run to the Beach and The Lady Improper. Three of our four FilmLAB documentaries are directed by women. This year, our Youth jury will also honour women by choosing the best film by a female (co)director.


Maggie Lee