CinemAsia has appointed Léo SOESANTO as special guest curator for the 13th edition of the CinemAsia Film Festival. SOESANTO is a Paris based film journalist and programmer. Over the years he has been actively involved in many festivals. He’s the Head of Short Film selection at the Semaine de la Critique, the oldest non-competitive section at the Cannes Film Festival, and has been the Programme Director at the Bordeaux International Independent Film Festival (FIFIB) since its creation in 2012. He also works as a Senior Programmer for the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR).



With his experience, expertise and Asian background, SOESANTO has been tasked with programming a selection of five diaspora films, focussing on Asian representation on a world wide scale. He will also be present during the festival to introduce and elaborate on this special Diaspora Section.




New Management


There has also been a lot of changes on key positions within the organization. CinemAsia has appointed Yoon-shik BOXMAN as its new Managing Director mid-2019. BOXMAN started with CinemAsia in 2009 as a volunteer and gradually took a more significant role within the organization until he left in 2015 to advance his studies in Colonial History abroad. Between 2016 to 2018 he operated as a hospitality- and event management provider for a diverse group of sports teams, corporate sponsors and heads of state during the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. After the Olympics, he came back to the Netherlands and worked as a context programmer for Movies that Matter Film Festival among other cultural organizations.



CinemAsia’s organisation consists out of a core team, who have all been involved in the festival prior to their newly appointed management role. Being part of the festival as a programmer and text editor since 2015, Sietz VAN DER AA is the new Head of Programming and is in charge of the festival’s film programming. CinemAsia’s in-depth and side programming will now be led by film journalist Hugo EMMERZAEL. Festival Coordination is planned and executed by Sofia MURELL and Marketing and Communications is done by the newest addition to the team, Rabia SITABI, who brings in a lot of experience within cultural- and festival marketing. The LGBTQ+ section is coordinated by Darunee TERDTOONTAVEEDEJ..


In 2019 CinemAsia started with its internal talent development programme and trains young and talented future cultural professionals in cultural programming, film programming, festival production and event management. The current cohort of our Academy programme consists of Alice MA, Minhong YU, Corina VAN BEELEN and Conall SLEUTEL.