Message from the director

Dear film lover,

On the 8th of March, just before the Dutch government installed measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, we closed our festival. We have had 5 wonderful days of film, food and friendship. It seems like a lifetime ago, we’re working from home, going out as less as possible or absolutely needed and we look out for each other, a bit more than ever. We know that there will be a future ahead of us, a future in which we will sit with each other at the table again and share our love for film over a hot bowl of noodles.

Photography: Debby von Rijnbeek

Currently the cultural sector and film industry in the Netherlands and in Asia are working miracles to stay creative, find new ways to express them and we’re all amazed how well they are doing that! But we must support them, their art, their resilience and their futures. Buy your tickets in advance, pay it forward, take part in a crowdfunding, become a patron of your favorite cultural foundation!

Next year CinemAsia will be back with its festival, although we must acknowledge that the foreseeable future doesn’t even reach a fortnight. We can, however, find creativity, talent and film in our homes! Come and enjoy Asian film and filmmaking on our online channels on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube! We hope to see you soon, online or in the theater.