CinemAsia Call for Volunteers

A new edition of CinemAsia Film Festival is coming soon. The festival is from May 10th till 15th and we are looking for volunteers.Do you share our love for Asian cinema, delicious food and a lot of fun? Be a volunteer and a part of the CinemAsia team.

What we require of our volunteers

  • Volunteers need to be at least 18 years old.
  • Volunteers are representative for CinemAsia and speak English.
  • Volunteers are available for a shift on multiple days during the festival.
  • Volunteers are holding an EU passport or have a Dutch working/student permit.


What are the roles of volunteers

  • Location manager. You are managing one of our three venues, a task with responsibility and close cooperation with the festival coordinator.
  • Floor attendant. You attend to our visitors. Answering their questions about our films. Checking tickets at the film hall. You make the visitors feel welcome.
  • Build-up team. You help with the build-up and build-down. the build-up starts a few days before the festival and the build-down is a day after the festival.
  • You help with promotion of CinemAsia. Hanging up posters, handing out flyers.

What do you get in return

During the festival you get opportunities to watch films. We will make sure you have drinks and food during your shift. And you get a wonderful experience.

Unfortunately we cannot cover any travel or accommodation expenses. But you will get to meet other people who share your love for Asian cinema, delicious food and a lot of fun.

How can I apply for volunteer

Send a mail to Tell us why you should be volunteer. Tell us what you love about Asian cinema, how you enjoy exotic food and what you do to share the fun. And we will contact you.

Questions? Mail them too to