ASIAN PRIDE @ Pride Amsterdam 2022

ASIAN PRIDE AGENDA July 30th- Aug 6th, 2022

(all events are free entrance!)

Saturday 30 July 15:00 @ Vondelpark 

Post Pride Walk in Pride Park — Tai-Chi & Community Picnic

Come chill at Pride Park after Pride Walk with CinemAsia and share drinks (BYOD), Asian food and friendly conversations. At 15:00 we start the Tai Chi workshop with Jessie Yingying Gong.

Away with the Flow: Tai-Chi with Jessie Yingying Gong

The Tai-Chi workshop, Away with the Flow with Jessie Yingying Gong aims to bring body awareness and collectivity through movement and flow of energy. How do we connect with each other’s physical space again? How does one’s imagination materialise through the body? How are spaces activated and appropriated by public activities? Together, we’ll perform our bodies and form our thoughts.

About Jessie Yingying Gong

Having been born and raised in China before setting out to study and live in Europe, prompted Jessie a lasting fascination with the topics of memory, identity, symbols and language. She is currently developing a series of works regarding the form, materialisation and development of language. The research into these aspects of language, with a focus on the written forms, leads her to a kind of archaeology of symbolism that serves to chronicle our history on a multitude of levels.

credits: Arnaud Kokosky Deforchaux


Wednesday 3 August 21:00 @ Mercatorplein

Outdoor Film Screening — LAN YU 藍宇  ( 2001, Hong Kong, China ) Dir Stanley Kwan 

Feature Film: Lan Yu (2001 / Hong Kong, China) | Dir. Stanley Kwan | 86 mins

An essential classic of Hong Kong queer cinema, Stanley Kwan’s Lan Yu is a poignant portrait of two men’s unexpected relationship filled with passion and deception, yearning and regret set in the turbulence of 1980’s Beijing. This pioneering Chinese LGBQT film celebrates its 20th anniversary with a brand new re-release, Kwan’s adaptation of an anonymous Chinese internet novel is a tale of heartbreak and loss of the love that might have been.

Full synopsis:

Proceeded by:

Short Film 1:
I Didn’t Dare to Speak (2021 / NL)
Dir. Aileen Ye | 7:11 mins

Amid the landscape of skateboarders, queerness, and friendships, I Didn’t Dare to Speak highlights the adversities of growing up.

Short Film 2:
Soy Sauce (2020 / DE)
Dir. Sarnt Utamachote | 4:53 mins

Interracial relationships usually led to the conflicts of powers at home. This simple story within one household showcases a quirky means of political resistance.

Friday 5 August 18:00–late @ The Student Hotel

18:00 A Guide to Loving Me: Zine Workshop by CHA4OS Theory

Skip the small talk, and send them instructions! In this workshop, we will focus on love languages and use zines to each create ‘A guide to loving me’. You can then hand these out to friends or lovers, new and old. This will be a space to really explore, understand and discuss what makes you feel loved or not, regardless of what is considered the norm. Come reflect, connect, and make with us, we have glitter! No prior skills or knowledge required and you have no obligation to speak or share if you are not comfortable.

Chetana Pai is an interaction technologist, podcast host, artist, and workshop facilitator who founded CHA4OS Theory, an organisation that aims to get people to connect and reflect through making with their hands.

19:30 Film Screenings & Panel — New Rainbow China: Chinese LGBTQ+ films and panel on history of Chinese LGBTQ activism

China PK Queen (2021 China) | Dir: Xiagang Wei | 37:30 mins

Jessica is an online professional Drag Queen in China. Each day of the week he gets online to perform and to receive “gifts” from his fans. Although he enjoys being a Drag Queen, he not only has to prove his talents and skills but also to fight against prejudices and discrimination. Even if the space for drag shows in China is constrained, he is always looking for opportunities to perform in front of live audiences.

New Beijing, New Marriage (2009 China)
Dir: Fan Popo | 18 mins

On Valentine’s Day, a gay couple and a lesbian couple chose to have their wedding photos taken on the Qianmen Street. It was a beautiful Spring Day in Beijing. People who witnessed the event include local residents and tourists from all over the country. Would they understand what was going on?


Post films Q&A and panel discussion on LGBTQ+ activism in mainland China

Panel guests:

Xiaogang Wei
Xiaogang Wei was the executive director of the NGO Beijing Gender. Founded in 2002, it was the first Chinese NGO to focus on issues of gender, sexuality and sexual health, thus fulfilling a pioneering role in Chinese society. Together with the Beijing Gender, he launched a series of groundbreaking events in China, including Queer University, the China AIDS Walk, the China Rainbow Awards, the China LGBTI Conference and All Gender Toilet Program. He also helped organize the Beijing Queer Film Festival and the webcast Queer Comrades.

Fan Popo
Popo Fan is a Berlin-based filmmaker, writer, and activist from China, where his queer documentary films have made a notable impact. Since 2016, he has concentrated on writing and directing scripted, sex-positive shorts. He is the founder of the Queer University Video Training Camp and has been an organizer of the Beijing Queer Film Festival for more than a decade. Popo was invited to sit on the jury of the Teddy Award of the Berlinale in 2019.


22:30 ASIAN PRIDE Drinks and Afterparty @ Pride Hotel


Join us to celebrate the inaugural Asian Pride with a drink and snacks for all participants, guests and audience members!

Saturday 6 August 12:00-17:00  

Asian Communities Boat sponsored by

For the first time ever, there is an Asian LGBTQ+ and Asian Communities boat at the Canal Pride! Keep an eye out for the Phoenix Rising!

The boat acts as a physical and metaphorical platform to raise the visibility of  Asian and Asian LGBTQ presence for a more inclusive and diverse  representation of Dutch society during Pride and highlights the intersectional  parts of being both queer and Asian, as queer Asians are often discriminated against within queer spaces and communities too. For instance, for years, the  use of the phrase ‘No Asians’ (next to ‘No blacks, no fats, no femmes’) in profile bios was a blatant sign of racism on dating apps like Grindr, the hyper sexualization of Asian women has been a historically damaging phenomenon  that amongst others resulted in the mass shooting of Asian women in Atlanta  in 2020, and trans women of colour are still the most vulnerable group with the  highest murder, depression and suicide rates world-wide.

For the design, Phoenix Rising is a boat that proudly displays its Asian heritage through its colors, through its music, and its symbolism. It embodies the theme of Pride 2022 of rising beyond gender norms and obstacles to be its own beautiful free self as represented by the boat as the mythical Phoenix creature, an Asian symbol of ‘feminine’ energy, versus the traditional ‘masculine’ Dragon boat. Once afloat, it will serve to remind onlookers about the meaning behind the Phoenix – that of renewal, rebirth, and positive change in the face of adversity.



30 July–7 August @ The Student Hotel


All Out presents “Better Together”, a photography project about the LGBTQ+ community in China, by Chinese photographer Shawn Zhang. With this collection of photos and stories, we want to provide insight into the lives of ordinary queer Chinese people. We hope you will feel inspired by these personal stories, and immerse yourself in the beauty and diversity of the Chinese LGBTQ+ community.