Every FilmLAB-edition gives Dutch and European-Asian filmmakers the chance to create three to six original documentary or fiction shorts made from their unique bicultural perspective.

FilmLAB-participants produce their short film with the guidance of the CinemAsia FilmLAB executive producers. Every team consists of participants with various cultural backgrounds. The films are made in an intercultural environment with the help of the FilmLAB producers, experienced film professionals and the (post)-production sponsors of FilmLAB.

After wrapping up production the short films will experience their premieres during the CinemAsia Film Festival and can compete for the award of ‘the best FilmLAB film short’. After the film festival the films will be distributed within the film festival circuit. Via distribution CinemAsia FilmLAB productions such as Breakable, Liefde, Hirofumi’s Suitcase and Pricetag have been awarded during their festival tour.