The talent development program of CinemAsia

FilmLAB is the talent development program of CinemAsia that givs Dutch-Asian Film makers the chance to flourish and guid them in the production process for their short films. For 9 editions FilmLAB has given film makers the opportunity to create a short film based on their own unique perspectives and stories and thus providing them with the experience and opportunity to better connect to the Dutch film- and television industry.

From Idea to Film

FilmLAB- participants are screened on their potential, motivation and the quality of their submitted concept. Once they are selected FilmLAB offers these talents a program that guides them through every step of the production process of their short film. Our FilmLAB producers are experienced professionals who guarantee the completion of our productions. FilmLAB also collaborates with a variety of CinemAsia partners and sponsors that deliver professional (post-)production services, as well as provide access to the FilmLAB network of Dutch-Asian film industry professionals. Our FilmLAB producers lead our participants through a bootcamp, multiple workshops, meet-ups and peer-to-peer review sessions to secure a successful final short film.


In part to the Netherlands’ colonial history there are a lot of people of Asian descent currently living in Holland. Despite this fact these Dutch Asians are not always as visible and are sometimes only marginally represented in the current Dutch and western media landscape. CinemAsia wants to offer film talent with a Dutch-Asian background a stage to share their own unique stories and to give better visibility to their own unique cultural background through the medium of film.
Through the distribution of the FilmLAB short films at festivals, events, online and media partners CinemAsia wants to create more space for the Dutch-Asian diaspora and to give a bigger audience the opportunity to learn more about the lived experiences of these often marginally represented Dutch minority groups.

Springboard for Dutch-Asian Talent

FilmLAB CinemAsia offers a contribution to making the Dutch film- and television industry more inclusive and stimulates the enrichment of these industries with the talent and stories of film makers, screenwriters, producers and cinematographers with an Asian-Dutch Background. FilmLAB helps with the development of skills that are essential to build a career in the film branch. Therefore participants are trained to properly pitch their project, and consulted on the production, the marketing and distribution of their short films. Aside from these skills, FilmLAB helps to find and mature the participants own unique voice as makers.

International Ambition

Asia is evolving at a break neck speed and especially the talent in the creative sector is booming.  CinemAsia believes in collaboration and the value as well as necessity to think globally. Thanks to recent technological advancements Asia has come closer than ever before. In line with CinemAsia’s new mission to become the partner in the film branch  connecting and consulting the Asian and Dutch Film industries, FilmLAB also sets itself clear ambitions.

FilmLAB wants to establish International collaborations between the Dutch and Asian Film industries, film academies and schools and create international programs that can function as a springboard for our FilmLAB participants in Holland and Asia. Hence makers in both continents can gain experience for professional and personal development and growth. We also believe that the qualities of the film industry both here and in Asia are complementary to one another, can strengthen each other and can bring forth beautiful films.

FilmLAB wants to realize it’s international ambitions by establishing internships with film schools, joined FilmLAB productions with film institutes, but also to finding distribution partners for Dutch talent in Asia and vice versa for Asian talent in the Netherlands and Europe. As a kick off for these ambitions CinemAsia has chosen to create a pilot program in collaboration with the Taipei Media School. Students of this school will form an active part of the FilmLAB team before and during the Film Festival. You can read more about this collaboration here.