Passage of Life (Japan) director

Akio Fujimoto is a Japanese director. After graduation, he enrolled in the Visual Arts academy, an institution that produced world-renowned director Naomi Kawase, and others.

There, he learned the essence of filmmaking, and worked as the chief of the selection committee for the student film category at the Nara International Film Festival. In 2012, he completed his first short film as a director, called Psychedelic Family. A subtly crafted piece based on his own experiences in a crumbling family, it received many positive reviews at international film festivals.

PASSAGE OF LIFE is his first feature film, with which he won the Spirit of Asia Award and Best Asian Future Film Award at the 30th International Tokyo Film Festival.

“I have sought to, through the boy’s experiences and the feelings it produces, provide an opportunity to the viewers of the film to have a common experience of the love of a family that overcomes the borders between two countries.

Also, in the background of the boy’s experiences, one can see the many issues that face Burmese families who live in Japan along with their children. Language,

cultural differences, the refugee system, and more feature prominently. I would very much like this movie to become an opportunity for people to think about Japan’s co-existence with other countries, amidst growing pressure for Japan to open up in this increasingly global world.”

Akio Fujimoto will be present for Q&A after the screening of PASSAGE OF LIFE on Wednesday 7 March 14:45, Friday 9 March 14:30 and Saturday 10 March on 14:30.

  • Passage of Life 僕の帰る場所


PASSAGE OF LIFE (2017), director

PSYCHEDELIC FAMILY (short, 2013), director