A selection of the award-winning films of CinemAsia are shown in Kriterion once more!

On Saturday 28th of April, CinemAsia is back in Kriterion Amsterdam with the BEST OF CinemAsia 2018. A great second chance to get to see a selection of the award-winning films of this year’s festival.

– 1987: WHEN THE DAY COMES (Jury Award Winner – Best Director)
– A TAXI DRIVER (Audience Award Winner – Best Feature Film)
Since these films both tell the history of the fight for democracy and human rights in South-Korea, these two films form a perfect double bill. The ultimate chance to learn more about a moment in Korean history that isn’t well-known in the West!

– THE GREAT BUDDHA+ (Student Jury Award – Best First Time Director)
The film also won Best New Director at Golden Horse Film Festival, the Audience Choice Award at Taipei Film Festival and NETPAC Award at Toronto International Film Festival.

Including FilmLAB Award – Best Film winner HIROFUMI’S SUITCASE by Natasja Pattipeilohy and Raoul Groothuizen.

Films of BEST OF can only be booked by telephone through Kriterion. Reservations can be made via 020 623 17 08.

A Taxi Driver (South-Korea, 2017) from JANG Hoon

Deze regisseur navigeert moeiteloos en in een up-beat tempo tussen zeer verschillende personages en verhaallijnen. De actie, romance, spanning maar ook vleugjes komedie. Dit werkt allemaal en past ook nog eens perfect bij het meeslepende verhaal over een beslissend jaar in de recente Zuid-Koreaanse geschiedenis. De CinemAsia Best Director Award 2018 wordt toegekend aan Jang Joon-hwan, de regisseur van 1987: When the Day Comes.” volgens de juryleden Joko Anwar (regisseur, Indonesië) Martin Koolhoven (regisseur & scenarioschrijver) en Vanja Kaludjercic (programmeur IFFR Talks & Masterclasses) van het Competitie Programma. Zij beoordeelden acht films uit zeven landen en regio’s.

1987: WHEN THE DAY COMES speelt zich af zeven jaar na het bloedbad van Gwangju en kan gezien worden als onmisbare metgezel van A TAXI DRIVER en THE ATTORNEY als verfilmde testamenten van het gevecht voor democratie en mensenrechten.

Sat 28 April – 9PM – Kriterion K1

1987: When the Day comes (South-Korea, 2017) from JANG Joon-hwan

This director effortlessly juggles between many different characters and story lines, always keeping the pace up furiously. The action, the romance, the suspenseful scenes as well as the touches of comedy; it all works and blends into a compelling story about a decisive year in recent South Korean history. The jury has decided to give the CinemAsia Best Director Award 2018 to Jang Joon-hwan, the director of 1987: When the Day Comes.” according to the jury members Joko Anwar (director, Indonesia) Martin Koolhoven (director & writer) and Vanja Kaludjercic (programmer IFFR Talks & Masterclasses) of the Competition Program. They rated eight films from seven countries and regions.

Set seven years after the Gwangju Massacre, 1987: WHEN THE DAY COMES is an indispensable companion piece to A TAXI DRIVER and THE ATTORNEY as moving testaments to the fight for democracy and human rights.

Sat 28 April – 5PM – Kriterion K1

The Great Buddha+ (Taiwan, 2017) from HUANG Hsin-Yao

 “The outstanding cinematography is rich with detail and great composition. The director’s meticulous curation of the story allows space for audience interpretation and imagination. The characters’ dark humour created a poignant image of human life. The aesthetics and style of narration consistently complement each other – in engaging and distancing the audience at the same time. The bold use of black-and-white in contrast to the colourful peeks into the life of the rich, visualizes the discrepancy between the extreme ends of society.” thus the Student Jury consisting of Sofie Keijzer, Jern Ken Chew en Jori Snels. They unanimously chose Huang Hsin-yao with the film The Great Buddha+ as Best First Time Director.

In this side-splitting satire of social inequality, two bumpkins’ addiction to naughty dash-cam videos lands them in big trouble. Taiwan’s digital answer to REAR WINDOW.

Sat 28 April – 7PM – Kriterion K2

FilmLAB shorts LOST IN TRANSLATION (Netherlands, 2018)

‘Language is a cunning master. There are just so many! There’s the regular type with words, there’s body language, the language of love, one can go on with examples. It is also a vehicle of memory and tradition, of culinary delights and difference. But some things lack a perfect translation or can only be understood by words unspoken.”

For it’s 9th edition of FilmLAB the selected group of film makers, writers and cinematographers have created short films with the theme of ‘Lost in Translation’. The theme embraces the communication issues that occur between people whether on the basis of contrasting languages, colors, ethnicities, ages or social classes.

In a time where miscommunication seems to occur more frequently and people tend to prefer to stay within their respective bubbles, these FilmLAB films want to bring forth the differences between people and try to reveal the difficulties of communication and approach them as forms of beauty and poetry instead of simply disregarding them as perpetual facts.

Sat 28 April – 3PM – Kriterion K2