This year the CinemAsia Film Festival Jury is formed by producer Oh Jung-wan alongside with prominent Dutch film director, Jean van de Velde and film critic Berend Jan Bockting. The jury will award the best film in the competition program with the CinemAsia Jury Award 2015.

oh-3Oh Jung-wan
Oh Jung-wan is one of the most important producers of today in South Korea. With her own production company, Bom Film Production, she produced films of leading filmmakers such as Kim Jee-woon (A Bittersweet Life & A Tale of Two Sisters), Hong Sang-soo (Night & Day) and EJ Yong (Untold Scandal).

jeanJean Van de Velde
Jean van de Velde DE KLEINE BLONDE DOOD, LEK, ALL, FLORIS, WILD ROMANCE, WIT LICHT/SILENT ARMY and HOE DUUR WAS DE SUIKER). He has also directed a variety of television series, the most noticeable being the Emmy awarded ALL STARS. Jean van de Velde is a chairman of the Screenwriters Network and a board member of the Dutch Film Festival.
bocktingBerend Jan Bockting
Berend Jan Bockting works as a freelance journalist for a number of publications, including De Groene Amsterdammer and VPRO. Since 2010 he writes for the Volkskrant and is now a regular contributor to the film section of the publication.