Love Talk

Love Talk is a special movie x panel talk program consisted of two parts: screening of documentary film Behind the Backdrop (2017), followed by a panel talk about Wedding, Marriage and Love in Taiwan and in the Netherlands. We warmly invite you to join us, in this study club of love.

Behind the Backdrop

In the Taiwanese capital of Taipei a growing number of stores are specialised in weddings and pre-ceremony photographs. The island has changed rapidly in the past 50 years and the stores reflect the force of globalization at work. Young people are taking western visuals and symbolism to heart, replacing the Taiwanese traditions of previous generations. Fascinated by this shift and the resulting tension between home-grown values and modern aspirations, Floor Hofman follows three couples and their romantic ideals in her documentary Behind the Backdrop. How do their dreams conflict with their parents’ wishes? Can the contrast between their personal expectations and those of their parents be bridged?


Wedding, Marriage and Love: The Challenged Imaginations and Changing Discourses

This love talk continues the subject of romantic ideal; raised in the documentary Behind the Backdrop and expand it to the explorations of the imaginations, rituals, and understandings we have for love relationships. Instead of telling what a right or wrong relationship is alike, or answering the philosophical question of what is love, this love talk is more about the relationship between individual love biography and the biography of modernity.

By using the case of wedding photography, the discussant will share her observations on how love has become a subject of commodification, and the imaginations we subscribe to these love commodities. A follow-up panel discussion with the documentary director invites the audience together with us to wonder the changing and possibly conflicting aspects of contemporary love relationships. Why does it sometimes feel that one’s love is caught in
between different ideals and imaginations? What are the ideals of romance in our times? How do they differ by groups and how they change across time?

About the Director

Director Floor Hofman: ” The stories I tell can be small and personal or aiming to tackle a bigger, mostly social cultural subject. They can be told in different ways: Photography, film, drawings, graphic design, or audio. I aim to shine a light on that which seems ordinary and is therefore overlooked.  I avoid remaining general. The complexity of the reality is meaningful and worth to try to understand. That’s why I isolate the intimate, unimaginable and unruly details out of the lives of the people I interview. I observe from a distance, but with a warm heart.

Filmography of director

About Happiness 2016 Documentary
Behind the Backdrop 2017 Documentary

About the Discussant

Olivia Y. A. Dung is a Ph.D. candidate at the Institute for Area Studies in Leiden University, preparing a thesis on religion and recycling in Taiwan. Trained in cultural sociology, her research interests lie within the fields of modernity, human-nature-material relationships, and imagination/reality. Her master thesis entitled “The Love Caught in Between: On Intimacy and Romance in Dutch Love Relationships” empirically examines two seemingly opposing claims on love relationship which are dominant in contemporary Dutch society.

Olivia Dung


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About the Co-host Oranje Express

Love Talk is co-hosted by Oranje Express, a knowledge exchange platform providing first-hand Dutch news, insights and stories for international Chinese-speaking audience through website, events and consultancy services.

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Sun 14 Oct 3PM