Truth Will Out

Communication does not happen automatically. A sender’s message does not always reach a recipient well. Whether it is due to a difference in age, gender, sexuality, language, nationality or culture. The message becomes distorted or misinterpreted and misunderstanding follows. The boundaries of communication become visible and there is the possibility of confusion. Is it a misunderstanding that can no longer be bridged?

Last edition of the CinemAsia Film Festival, CinemAsia FIlmLAB has chosen Lost in Translation for the production of five short fiction films: Hirofumi’s Suitcase, Father & Son, Integration, Hangul Blues and Truth Will Out. But not only the participants of CinemAsia FIlmLAB 2018 have their own interesting interpretation of this theme. That is why CinemAsia FilmLAB has invited Alexandra Hsu and filmmaker Almichael Fraay (thanks to the Broet film platform in Eindhoven), to show fragments from their own productions. The work of Hsu We are the Perfect Citizens and Tribe of Ghosts by Fraay both contain an interesting vision of being Lost in Translation.

After the screening of the films, FilmLAB Coordinator Martijn van Veen, Alexandra Hsu and Almichael Fraay will join FilmLAB participants Raoul Groothuizen, writer of Hirofumi’s Suitcase and Alex Lai, director of Integration in the conversation. We ask how the theme Lost in Translation has been present in the inspiration, the production process, the end result and reception of their own films. And what are the possible similarities and differences they experience in relation to each other’s work on this theme?

  • Father and Son
  • Hangul Blues
  • Hirofumi’s Suitecase
  • Inburgering
  • Truth Will Out

Tickets & Info

Sun 14 Oct 5PM