About submitting the video

When is the quarterly screening CinemAsia?
Due to the Coronavirus the planning of the CinemAsia quarterly screening is unpredictable. We will keep you updated on this, please check out social media or website.

What is the deadline for submitting?
20 May 2020, midnight.

How do I submit?
You can upload your video to Vimeo or YouTube and send the link of your video to 1.5meters@cinemasia.nl

If I submit my video, do I still own the copyright?
When you submit your video for participation in the 1.5 meters short film project and it is selected for the quarterly screening, then CinemAsia owns the videorights to screen the videos in the quartley screening or any other project of CinemAsia. If your video is not selected, then you are the sole author and owner of the video and CinemAsia cannot use it without your permission.


About the video 

How long should my video be?
90 sec.

Does the video need to be exactly 90 sec?
Yes, but it doesn’t need to be to the frame 90 sec – preferably, a shorter video than a longer video.

What should be the format of the video?
Free format. You can film it with your camera, mobile, etc.

How experimental can my video be?
It can be as experimental as you want, as long as it is an audiovisual video.

What kind of video should it be?
An audiovisual video.

What should the topic of the video be?
The topic of the video should be about the self-isolation time that we are living during the Corona time. Be as creating as you want: tell your story, what you do, how you do certain activities, how you are dealing with this situation, etc.

Can I use copyrighted material for my video?
You should use original material for your video – pastiche and parody are allowed, but direct videographic codes without significant changes are not allowed. 


About the participation

Do I have to make the video by myself or can I do it together with a team?
Yes, you can do it with a team, but keep a safe distance and respect the Coronavirus regulations.

I don’t have Asian background, can I participate?
CinemAsia still wants to be inclusive, however, we will prioritize participants with an Asian background. We also want to include people with other backgrounds, therefore, you have to have a strong connection with Asia.