Queer Nongkrong | Sunday 12 March | SK4 11:30-16:00

CinemAsia invites the queer community to join us in the Queer Nongkrong, a hangout session filled with activities and gatherings. Inspired by the Indonesian concept of the nongkrong—the act of leisurely and casually sitting around together—the Queer Nongkrong is an experiment with workshop sessions where participants are invited to pop in and out as they please, or simply hang out. Continuing our mission to provide a safe space to gather, foster young talents, and build community, we’ve put together three sessions led by members of the queer Asian community from across the Netherlands.


11:30–13:00 Between here and there
creative workshop with Tyra Ang

A cosy, laidback workshop where you are invited to make a series of images to express yourself and your journey. By painting, collaging, drawing and talking, we will carefreely create something meaningful.

This programme is part of the Dona Daria Young Asian Leaders Initiative.


13:00–13:40 Balinese Movement Workshop
with Arnaud Kokosky Deforchaux

In the workshop, Arnaud will teach you the famous head-, eye- and hand movements that characterise classical Balinese dance. The focus will be on the basic pose called agem. In the end, you will learn a simple choreography. And after putting your muscles through all the hard work, the workshop will conclude with an exercise to relax.


14:30–16:00 Queer Craftie
crochet session with Lu Lin

Join us in this crochet session with tea and snacks. You are invited to express your inner child through the act of making together. You don’t need prior knowledge or experiences with crocheting as you will be guided in the process.