Stone Turtle


Wednesday 8 March 19:30, Studio/K + Actress Q&A
Friday 10 March 21:45, Rialto VU
Saturday 11 March 20:45, Studio/K

Zahara, a stateless refugee, lives with her young niece on a small remote island in Malaysia, where she makes a living selling turtle eggs. Enter Samad, a university researcher with a particular interest in leatherback turtles. As he offers her money to show him around, Zahara and Samad fall deeper into each other’s traps, entangling themselves in a web of lies with tragic, bloody consequences.


In director WOO Ming Jin’s time-bending feminist revenge thriller, Malay folklore meets Groundhog Day. The film premiered at the 75th Locarno Film Festival, where it became the very first Malay-language film to compete and win the FIPRESCI Prize at the festival. 

Screenings of Stone Turtle will be preceded by the short film Hantu, directed by Kim KOKOSKY DEFORCHAUX. An elderly widow from the former Dutch East Indies has been living in the Netherlands for decades, but she is haunted by traumas of post-colonial turmoil and doesn’t want to burden her son with her past.

WOO Ming Jin
Asmara Abigail Bront PALARAE Samara KENZO
Malaysia, Indonesia
Malay, Indonesian, Mandarin
FIPRESCI Prize, Locarno Film Festival

WOO Ming Jin

WOO Ming Jin is one of the leading voices of the Malaysian New Wave. He is the first Malaysian director to represent the country at the Cannes, Berlin, and Venice Film Festivals.