THE EXILES : Before, Here, Now and Then

Friday 10 March | 18:30 - 21:20 | Rialto VU

The years 1965-1966—the period of the coup d’état of (at that time General) Suharto and the genocide that followed—have left deep traces in Indonesian society and its individuals; these years have caused an enduring national trauma that has long been swept under the rug. However, ever since the turn of the century, Indonesia has slowly but surely started to deal with its complicated past. Earlier this year, president Joko Widowo acknowledged the state’s violation of human rights. Journalist and researcher Joss Wibisono will introduce the documentary The Exiles and sketch the broader context of this turning point in Indonesian history. After the film, he will speak to one of the exiles portrayed in the documentary about before, here, now and then. How did this period shape him and his family, how does he relate to the Netherlands, what is his relationship with his home country now, and what lies ahead for him? A historical programme not to be missed.

English, Dutch, Bahasa Indonesia (with translation)