When We Meet Again part 1

Friday 10 March | 19:00 – 19:55 | Studio/K | English

Friday 10 March | 19:00 - 19:55 | Studio/K | English

Screening of Return to Seoul on March 10 we will dive deeper into the topic of adoption.

As a Korean adoptee you will be confronted by people with many questions, questions you yourself might not know the answer to:

Are you Korean or Dutch? Or Both? Can you be both? Are you more Korean or more Dutch? What does Korea mean to you at this moment? When in Korea, do you feel at home or not? How come? How do you feel about your adoption? How does it affect your life today? What role does the nature of your adoption play in your life?

Two female Korean adoptees tell their own special stories. Their stories will be the basis for the conversation with the room, where there will be space for more stories and experiences but also for discussion about international adoption and everything it entails.

Alice Flikweert will talk about the launch of the organization NLKGRG, a foundation that searches for the truth behind adoption files. She will share what fuels her passion, the goals of the foundation, their work so far and how it affects her life and the lives of the people involved. And.. How does her work affect how she feels about Korea?

Kara Bos will address her legal battle to have the Korean state acknowledge her Korean father as her rightful father. A court case that became worldwide news. What inspired her to address the Korean court and what was her experience? Now three years later, to what extent does it still affect her daily life and how did it affect her view on Korea?

This interactive session will be moderated by creative talent Paul Sin Nam Rigter, actor, presenter, filmmaker and Korean adoptee himself.