Where the Wind Blows 風再起時


Sunday 12 March 18:45, Studio/K - Sold out
Sunday 12 March 18:45, Rialto De Pijp - Sold out

In 1960s Hong Kong, triads rule the streets and riots are breaking out everywhere. Two ambitious police detectives, Lui Lok and Nam Kong, are determined to bring the city back to order, but their good intentions build an empire of corruption along the way. Set across four decades in post-World War II Hong Kong, this film chronicles a friendship and rivalry between two men that have reshaped the history of Hong Kong.

Where the Wind Blows is director Philip YUNG’s long-awaited follow-up to his award-winning crime drama Port of Call (2015). Loosely based on the rise and fall of Hong Kong’s “Four Great Sergeants”, Yung’s new project confidently moves across multiple genres, from gangster and crime to musical and historical epic. Starring Hong Kong superstars Aaron KWOK and Tony LEUNG in their first onscreen performance together, Where the Wind Blows is a grand saga about power and corruption, unfolding under the dazzling lights of banquet halls and a balletic exchange of bullets.

Philip YUNG
Aaron KWOK Tony LEUNG DU Juan
Hong Kong
Cantonese, English

Philip YUNG

Philip YUNG is a director and screenwriter from Hong Kong. His film Port of Call (2015) was selected as the closing film of the 39th Hong Kong International Film Festival.