Fawad Nahimi

May I introduce myself

Hi everyone, my name is Fawad Nahimi and I am 29 years old. I finished my studies at the University of Amsterdam with specialization in film. My studies were mostly theory based programme which is why I sought opportunities to gain some practical experience outside the University. I made some short movies both within the programme and outside of it. I also did two internships. One of which was at the Nederlands Film Festival. The other one was for Smarthouse Films. Smarthouse made mostly commercials. I worked on two commercials with them one for Karwei and the other one for gemeente Nijmegen. It was a great experience and made me more aware of why I want to become a filmmaker. I love story telling and I would love to stand on set and do just about anything instead of doing a 9 to 5 job in a cubicle. Nederlands Film Festival opened my eyes to Dutch film culture and how small and complex it is. Besides festivals have really nice vibe to them but they run on really tight budget which is why they need lots of volunteers. I, now, appreciate their efforts even more. I have done some volunteer work for IDFA and other festivals myself.

I love cinema. I am originally from Afghanistan and live here in the Netherlands since 2003. I grew up with Bollywood movies to escape reality for just 3 hours and then gradually I found my way to Hollywood movies when I moved here and eventually during my studies to World Cinema and that opened a whole new perspective on cinema to me. I like all sorts of films but the films I like the most are humanistic in nature: a simple story with deeper meaning and a huge impact. These words sound great but also vague. I think I am trying to discover myself and what I really like. For now, I really like to tell simple but realistic stories of human connections. This can be about anything from relationships to identity crisis to any other drama.



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