Ami Tsang

Ami Tsang

May I introduce myself

My name is Ami Tsang. I recently completed my Master of Fine Arts degree in AKV|St.Joost. I graduated by making short videos to trace my father’s migration history. And to observe changes in the identity of the Chinese overseas.

Meanwhile, together with Fay Teo, I’ve developed a collaboration project called ‘Foe Yong Hai’. It is an art & design project in which food is used in an unconventional way to stimulate discussion about Dutch-Chinese culture. ‘Foe Yong Hai’ was invited/initiated last year several food events and workshops. For ‘Foe Yong Hai’ we also produced a documentary entitled ‘Ngo Hai Lai Yan Cheng’. This documentary has been screened in various art centres in the Netherlands.

At the moment it’s my intention to develop ‘Foe Yong Hai’ and improve my visual language and recording technique in a practical way.


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