Andre Kloer

Andre Kloer

May I introduce myself

As the youngest son of a mother with ‘weak nerves’ and an Indo-father, who still lived in his memories about the colonial period in Indonesia, I was taught: the eldest is always right. In doing so, I longed for justice.

Initially, from my background as a journalist, I mainly made research journalistic documentaries about injustice such as ‘Seeds of Peace’. This is the ironic name of an Israeli settlement which employs Palestinians without labour rights.

Gradually I started to make personal and narrative portraits, because I realized that with journalistic facts – even though they are about injustice – you don’t touch people, and certainly not myself. This is how I made ‘Liever de Lucht in’ about the residents of the multicultural Van Spijkstraat in Amsterdam West, who, despite all their differences, share one characteristic with each other: having dreams for the future. It was screened at the Dutch Film Festival.

Since then, I’ve been doing a lot of corporate storytelling: video productions that show the authentic stories that live in every organization or company. Not sales stories, but stories about man and his or her struggle or insight, which creates a connection with the audience, which recognizes something of his or her own struggle in it.


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