Casper van den Brink

Casper van den Brink

May I introduce myself

My name is Casper van den Brink. I’m 26 years ol. Tis year I have completed my studies in Chinese language and culture. In my youth I have always been interested in travelling and in discovering and exploring new cultures.

During my studies, this was also an important aspect for me. We also had to present many of these surveys, using presentations, films and theses. I have always had a tendency to deviate from what is known as ‘standard work’. I liked to show my creative side during presentations. And was able to handle it well. I like to try a new method during assignments.

So far, however, I have only had experience as an amateur (i.e. without professional equipment). After a classmate told me about CinemAsia, I thought this is a good opportunity for me to get coaching in filmmaking. When I noticed during the introduction of FilmLAB that many other candidates had the same opinion as I did in the field of creative thinking, there was a quick and good click between all of us.



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