Fay Teo

Fay Teo

May I introduce myself  

I’m a Malaysia-Borneo designer and researcher, working across various fields of art and design. I studied BA(Hons) in Visual Communication at National College of Art and Design, Ireland. And completed my Master of Graphic Design at AKV |St. Joost, the Netherlands.

My focus is on content-driven projects that deal with contemporary issues related to the food and digital world., And how this affects cultural and societal changes. Topics of interest within this area are mainly user behaviour, digital phenomenon, social media manipulation and the links between these topics.

Through my work I challenge the familiarised perceptions of my viewers. I aim to make a specific subject more distinctive in order create different perspective for audience, to raise awareness on current affairs and to foster discussion and incite a broader audience to take interest in the topics.

My practice framework focuses on three components: investigation, proposition and alternative narrativity.

Together with Amy Tsang, as artist and designer duo of FoeYongHai. Our outcomes include a wide range of media forms, such as pop-up food events, workshops, digital community and experimental documentary.



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