Haider Hussain

Haider Hussain

May I introduce myself

Hi! My name is Haider Hussain. I’m a 27 year old filmmaker from India. I come from a mixed cultural background: German mother, Kashmiri Indian father, and I grew up in a banal suburb of one of the worlds largest cities, New Delhi. My mixed cultural heritage has made me feel like I belong to everything and nothing at the same time. My fascination with learning about the universe and outer space, coupled with my ingrained Indian middle class pragmatic need to become an engineer, brought me to the Netherlands to study Aerospace Engineering.

However, a rather nerve jolting cocktail of fast internet speeds and teenage heartbreak, lead me to fall in love with cinema. Thus started the uphill crawl of another conflicted battling identity. Art or science. When the truth is, they’re both complementary parts of one larger whole. Perhaps filmmaking presented itself as a way for me to live through this truth. My initial foray into film was through making music videos, and I still consider that my first love in film! Something about telling a story through purely visual elements really appealed to me.

I currently head Skopei Films, a production company based in Delft. On my own I make short films, documentaries and music videos.



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