Ingrid Guldenaar

Ingrid Guldenaar

May I introduce myself

My name is Ingrid Guldenaar. Friends love to talk about ‘Guldenaar please eat!’ This shows my preference for the culinary. My preference is for the sometimes complicated Cantonese Chinese cuisine. I love the techniques, the structures, the soft flavours and the ultimate combination of pork and garlic. And all these delicacies I like to cook in my own kitchen in Amsterdam’s De Pijp.

Since 2008 I have been editor at Nieuwsuur and NOS Journaal and sometimes I also do separate festivals or business events. Especially for the news part of my work, you need to be ab-so-lutely stress-resistant . Fortunately, I’m blessed with a high level of stress sensitivity. Except for public speaking, which will be another challenge during this project.

To get  inspiration I visit several film festivals throughout the year: IDFA, CineDans, World Cinema Amsterdam and CinemAsia. I try to find depth through books, exhibitions, films, music and walks in nature.

To relax I like to travel to unknown places. That can be as far as China and as close as Den Oever. At the last location I go back to look for the quietest place with our old camper. Closer to home I’d like to relax sometimes by organizing dinners.



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