Maine Galvez

Maine Galvez

May I introduce myself

I’ve always been a film-enthusiast, but being a part of the film industry felt too far-fetched for my younger self. It never crossed my mind until one night in Manila, Japan Film Festival 2016, I stayed after the last full show to hear the talk of Director Masato Harada about his period drama “Kakekomi”. That evening, I left the movie theater convinced that I should be a movie director when I retire, when I probably have enough resources, and hopefully have gained the same level of wisdom as what Director Harada had when he talked about his film. After coming to The Netherlands, I felt a strong urge to start working on that retirement plan as soon as possible. I realized that I may not have the resources and wisdom now, but I have the passion, enthusiasm, raw experiences and emotions that might fade or change along the way if I wait too long. I’d been sharing tales in different forms — through photos, blog posts, status updates, instagram stories, and believe it or not – through face-to-face human conversations; so why do I need to wait few decades to start making films to tell stories?

Before coming to The Netherlands I thought I will represent The Philippines too, most of the people I will meet, turns out I’m gonna be ‘The Asian’ and not just ‘The Filipino’. That’s quite a huge responsibility to represent an entire continent, but also an honor. So I guess I have a lot of work to do! For now, I want to write stories with elements of contrast between different societies, the ones that will celebrate cultural differences but won’t turn a blind eye on social issues that need to be addressed. I also want to contribute in enriching the common knowledge of the Dutch society about Asia through making films that show variety of characters, languages, customs and lifestyles that are unknown to the general population. Hello everyone! I’m Maine from the Philippines. I studied BS Accountancy in Manila, CPA, worked as an Operations Manager for an IT company, now working as a kitchen assistant in Groningen. Looking forward to meeting you all.


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